Inner Retreat, Montana, USA- July 6-10, 2017

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Summit University Summer Seminar 2017
July 6-10, 2017

At the Inner Retreat (The Summit Lighthouse® Headquarters) in Montana
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He who has the greater sense of victory will win! And we are going to win!

-Saint Germain, July 4, 1992



Claim the Victory Way of Life!
How to Unleash the Limitless Power of Your I AM Presence

with Mighty Victory, Godfre and Saint Germain

Never have another thought but victory!

Is that humanly possible? The ascended masters tell us in resounding terms it is, even for imperfect human beings living in an imperfect world. All we need to do to rise above our daily challenges, disappointments and occasional failures is to embrace the victory consciousness!

The masters have released tremendous teachings on how to connect with the very source of victorious living: our Mighty I AM Presence. They teach us how to access this limitless reservoir of conscious divine power and let its radiance govern our lives, turning us into spiritual adepts in the process.

In this seminar we’ll study advanced teachings by Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Unveiled Mysteries, Godfré Ray King’s classic on how to connect to your Divine Self. These empowering teachings, combined with SU’s acclaimed seminar “The Victory Way of Life,” will help you deepen your understanding of the victory consciousness the way the ascended masters see it.

Taken together, these two components will make this one of SU’s most practical programs ever, designed to help you take a major leap forward on your spiritual path. Bring one thing, great or small, you’d like to accomplish, resolve or gain mastery over, and leave SU with a blueprint for your victory and a toolkit with twelve personalized tools for tapping into the invincible power of your I AM Presence like you’ve never done before.

Program Highlights

  • Four profound lectures by Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Unveiled Mysteries not heard since they were released in 1982
  • Three life-changing lectures by Mrs. Prophet on the Victory Way of Life that unfold Mighty Victory’s inner matrix for victory
  • Twelve detailed exercises that will give you your own personalized roadmap to victory
  • Enlightening recorded dictations by the Ascended Masters Godfre, Lord Lanto, Lanello, Serapis Bey and Saint Germain on how to assimilate the victory consciousness
  • A unique crown chakra blessing with a yellow topaz, the gemstone that carries the vibration of Victory


Required textbook (bring it in English or in a translated version):

  • Godfré Ray King, Unveiled Mysteries (Saint Germain Press, 1982 ed.)

Strongly recommended:

  • Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet, The Mandate of Victory (Summit University Press®, 2017)


  • This seminar is open to Keepers of the Flame® as well as to new students who have a basic understanding of the teachings of the ascended masters. The minimum age for attendance is 15.
  • The seminar begins on Wednesday, July 6, 10 am in King Arthur’s Court at the Inner Retreat and concludes on Monday, July 10, at 6 pm.
  • Due to the special nature of our seminars, partial attendance is discouraged. No new students will be admitted after the first day.


We reserve the right to refuse admittance to anyone and/or dismiss anyone from The Summit Lighthouse® property.

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