Rio de Janeiro, Brazil- November 18-20, 2017


When: November 18-20, 2017
Where: Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro – RJ
Language: Portuguese
Cost: (Does not include discounts, lodging and food, etc.)
Pre-reg. fee: R$ 700,00
Method of payment: 5 installments of 140,000 (on April 30, May 30, June 30, July 30 and August 30)
Pay with cash and receive a 5% discount: 665,000
Families: receive a 30% discount on the second registration
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Phone Number: (35) 33271226
Sponsoring Local Group: The Summit Lighthouse Brazil

The Fire of Initiation
Embrace the Deep Mysteries of the Heart

with Lady Master Nada and the Hierarchs of the Ruby Ray: Sanat Kumara, Gautama Buddha, Lord Maitreya and Jesus Christ

The ascended masters offer their students a profound path of spiritual growth.  First, you work on mastering the qualities of the seven rays, such as compassion, leadership, courage, self-control, tolerance and standing up for truth.

Then, gradually, the nature of your tests and initiations begins to change.  More and more you are confronted with the deep issues of the heart that force you to make choices between what is real and unreal in yourself.  You encounter the tests of sacrifice, surrender, selflessness and service—and find yourself needing a new perspective and new spiritual tools to answer the inner calling to come up higher as you journey back to God’s heart.

What exactly is the ruby ray, and how does it relate to the mysteries of the heart?  What are essential characteristics of the tests of the ruby ray?  How do you recognize these tests when they begin to act in your life?  And above all, how do you pass them?  These questions and more will be addressed in this in-depth study of the path of the ruby ray.

Program Highlights

  • Teachings by Elizabeth Clare Prophet on the initiations of the heart
  • Detailed studies of key passages from The Opening of the Seventh Seal, Sanat Kumara’s classic on the mysteries of the rose cross
  • Examples of ruby ray tests from the lives of saints and ascended masters
  • Enlightening dictations paired with experiential exercises and reflections that will deepen your comprehension of how the ruby ray may be manifesting in your life

Required Textbook: The Opening of the Seventh Seal, by Sanat Kumara (Summit University Press, 2009).  Available from or the TSL Online Bookstore at

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