Torreon, Mexico – November 10-12, 2017


When: November 10-12, 2017
Where: Hotel Misión Calzada Paseo de la Rosita No. 910, Col. Campestre la Rosita,
C.P. 27250, Torreon, Coahuila; Mexico
Language: Spanish
Cost: (Does not include discounts, lodging, and food, etc.)
$2,000 Mexican pesos
More information: Flyer (Spanish)
Contact Information:
Cellular : 52 1 (871) 326 77 54
Other: Cellular: 52 1 (871) 104 66 66
Sponsoring Local Group: Grupo de Estudios
The Summit Lighthouse de Torreón

The Re-Creation of Self—Healing with Mother Mary

with Mother Mary and the Great Lord Sanat Kumara

The Re-Creation of Self—Healing with Mother Mary is a special Summit University Seminar on the Blessed Mother, who serves on the green ray of healing, wholeness, and abundance.

The seminar is focused on the healing and renewal of body, soul and spirit, with a special emphasis on the resolution of our personal psychology.   Also included are teachings on the age of the Divine Mother and how to bring more of the abundance of the Mother into your daily life.

Therefore it is now most essential that you assess yourself, the capacities of your respective four lower bodies, that you seek to increase those capacities and yet observe the law of the sine wave, of the going within, of the necessary rest, the necessary re-creation of the four lower bodies and the pacing of yourself.  That pacing, beloved, is most essential because only in the cycles of time and space can all things be fulfilled.

—Mother Mary

Topics include:

  • Mother Mary and the power of the rosary
  • The secret ray rosary
  • The laws of the abundant life
  • The Divine Mother and the Golden Age
  • Overcoming blocks of fear and anger in one’s psychology

Dictations (audio/video replays) by: Mother Mary and the Great Lord Sanat Kumara

Recommended texts (available from the SU Online Bookstore):

  • Prophet, Elizabeth Clare, with Annice Booth, The Age of the Divine Mother (Summit University Press, 2006)
  • Prophet, Mark L., and Elizabeth Clare Prophet, Mary’s Message for a New Day (Summit University Press, 2003)
  • Prophet, Mark L., and Elizabeth Clare Prophet, Mary’s Message of Divine Love (Summit University Press, 2004)

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