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Ser Un Adepto – Recursos


“Recordad el antiguo encuentro,” Kuthumi, 27-1-85, Perlas de Sabiduría Vol. 28 No. 9

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“El descenso del rocío de fuego cristalino:  ¡Prestadme vuestra atención mediante el control divino!” El Morya, 19-4-92, Perlas de Sabiduría Vol. 35 No. 19

“¡Qué paséis todas las pruebas!” Saint Germain, 6-7-84, Perlas de Sabiduría Vol. 27 No. 49


“Discipulado: Cinco pasos de iniciación bajo el Verbo Vivo,” Elizabeth Clare Prophet, 14-8-88, Perlas de Sabiduría Vol. 52 Nos. 1-6

“La ciencia del ritmo para la maestría de las energías sagradas de la vida,” Elizabeth Clare Prophet, 7-10-77

¡Pronto estará disponible!

“La división del camino”, Leto, 22-6-86, Libro: Predice tu futuro, capítulo 11

“La curación del cuerpo etérico,” Elizabeth Clare Prophet, 16-8-81

“The Cross of Divine Love and the Not-Self,” (Anteriormente denominada: Enseñanza sobre la Cruz Rubí y el morador del umbral) Elizabeth Clare Prophet, 8-10-88, Extracto

“Equilibrar los cuatro cuerpos inferiores en el rocío y el cristal,” Djwal Kul, 17-4-92, Perlas de Sabiduría Vol. 48 No. 6

“El punto del regocijo deslumbrante,” Jesús, 25-12-92, Perlas de Sabiduría Vol. 35 No. 69

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Fall Semester 2017 Update

Fall Semester 2017 Update from Summit University on Vimeo.

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Technology Requirements for Extension Courses

In certain instances, these requirements also apply to audit students in the SU Online School of Theology and Spiritual Studies.

Technology Requirements

Although we use online educational software for our courses, the computer that you use for your online courses will need to meet some basic technical requirements to be able to access the course and all of its features. Most computers made in the last few years will meet these requirements. The following are necessary to take an online extension course at Summit University:

A Windows, Macintosh or Linux computer with:

  • Sound card / speakers
  • High speed Internet access (768Kb/second or faster; if you are using a dial-up connection or equivalent, the course quality may be less than optimal)
  • Email Account
  • Current anti-virus software (such as AVG, McAfee or Norton) recommended

The latest version of one of the following Internet browsers: Firefox (recommended), Internet Explorer, Safari, Google Chrome.

*Note: Version requirements are subject to change without notice.

Additional Software

The following additional software is required and can be obtained for free from the websites listed below.

Computer Literacy Requirements

Students need to be comfortable and confident using the computer to succeed in an online course. If all of the following statements apply to you, then you have the skills needed to take online courses at Summit University:

  • I know how to connect to the Internet using a web browser.
  • I can navigate around the Internet.
  • I have my own email account and I know how to send and receive e-mail using this account.
  • I know how to do basic word processing, including cutting and pasting.
  • I know how to open, save, and manage files.
  • I can use basic Windows or Macintosh features, including opening and closing programs and scrolling.
  • I know how to watch online videos and listen to online audios.
  • I can confidently set up and access a password-protected website member area (such as an online email account, LinkedIn, or Facebook).

Moodle Navigation and Operation Skills

Moodle navigation and operation skills are also required. For this reason, all students must agree to review Moodle 101, an introductory Moodle course, in the three weeks before their first course starts. Technical support will not be granted to students who have not done this.

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