Curriculum for the Leadership Studies Certificate Program

The curriculum for the Leadership Studies Certificate Program covers a spectrum of required and elective courses.

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Department of General Studies

The Department of General Studies offers students several options for immersing themselves in SU’s curriculum.

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Tuition and Fees

Tuition and fees apply to three categories of enrollment: certificate programs, single General Studies courses (not part of a certificate program), and courses taken for audit (non-credit).

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Auditing Courses

Are you interested in a particular subject matter offered by SU Online yet do not want to receive a grade or earn credits? You may apply to audit General Studies courses each semester for a reduced tuition fee of $85 per credit plus a $20 tech support fee per credit. (See Tuition and Fees for […]

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Auditing Courses as a Group

Summit University welcomes group participation in most of its academic online courses that are open to the general public. This group participation is on an audit basis only; students will not receive academic credit for their course participation. Courses are currently only offered in English. Guidelines for Group Participation The group must have 7 people […]

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Admissions Requirements

These admission requirements apply to Summit University courses taken for credit; they do not apply to courses taken for audit. Auditors are exempt from these requirements.

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Online Learning Using Moodle

Moodle, an open source online learning system, provides the electronic gateway to Summit University materials and services. Moodle features include class syllabi, schedules, materials, calendar, personal email, grades, and discussion forums. In Moodle, you will attend class, access materials, participate in discussions, submit assignments, ask questions, review assignment feedback, communicate with instructors, and review your […]

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Academic Calendar

The academic calendar applies to Summit University online credit and audit academic courses and programs. It does not apply to Summit University online extension courses.

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Application Process

Thank you for your interest in applying for a Summit University online program. First time here? Click HERE to get started! On This Page General Information Current Students Application Fee Email Address Auditing Courses Language Skills Learning Disabilities Technology and Computer Literacy Requirements Application Instructions Instructions for Letters of Recommendation Course Registration What's Next? Important […]

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