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    Relationships: Soul Mates, Twin Flames and You

    Learn keys to successful relationships!

    Based on the teachings of the ascended masters and their messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet, this unit offers a profound  spiritual look at love, karma and relationships.


          The Victory Way of Life

          How to conquer adversity and thrive!

          Welcome the cosmic being Mighty Victory and his legions of victory angels into your life and claim their buoyant, joyous consciousness of victory.


                META 0401 – The Magic Power of Cosmic Law

                  The Magic Power of Cosmic Law

                  Unleash your Unlimited Potential through
                  The Power of Cosmic Law!

                  In this free unit, listen as Mark L. Prophet, an expert in cosmic law, explains the “why” behind such fascinating topics as alchemy, Atlantis and the powers of light and darkness, and most importantly what it means to merge with your Higher Self.

                        Spiritual Healing through the Emerald Matrix

                        Learn to access your own healing power!

                        This free unit will introduce you to a divinely powerful healing thoughtform to use for personal and planetary healing. Learn how to reunite with your own inner healer, and how to use the healing violet flame.


                              META 0401 – The Magic Power of Cosmic Law
                              META 0401 – The Magic Power of Cosmic Law

                                Unveiled Mysteries

                                Take a journey with Saint Germain, unite with God's light and be free!

                                This free unit is based on the esoteric classic Unveiled Mysteries by Godfré Ray King.


                                      Ascension: The Goal of Life

                                      Life's ultimate purpose and how to achieve it!

                                      In this free unit, Elizabeth Clare Prophet guides you on the path of the ascension—the reunion of the soul with God. In wonderful detail, she describes the amazing story of the soul’s acceleration into higher consciousness. 


                                          RELS 0701 - Unveiled Mysteries

                                          Victory Email Series

                                          If you're looking for a way
                                          to replace annoying negatives in your life
                                          with something VICTORIOUS,
                                          then this should do the trick!


                                          Join Summit University students around the world in a
                                          FREE study of Mighty Victory's dictations
                                          published in the book The Mandate of Victory!

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                                           Free Adeptship Resources

                                          Somewhere in our subconscious or conscious minds we’re all dreaming of being superheroes. We don’t necessarily want to bounce around the planet in a cape and mask and knock out the bad guys. But do we perhaps have soul memories of other times, long forgotten times, when the ability to direct and control energy and consciousness was somehow much easier, much more direct and effective, than it is now?

                                          These could be memories of long-forgotten golden ages on Atlantis and Lemuria when mankind collectively was much more spiritually capable than is now the case. Those glorious days of past attainment are far behind us, but that doesn’t mean we are helpless in the face of the darkness and evil we see in the world.

                                          The ascended masters teach that it is still possible to become a spiritual superhero—an adept. Adepts are conscious co-creators with God who work to hold the balance of light on our planet. But it takes a path of striving to become an adept. It's this path of adeptship that we study in Summit University.


                                           Conversations on Adeptship Video Series

                                          Learn more about what it means to walk the path of adeptship in this three-part video series.

                                          Biweekly Adeptship Email Series

                                          Are you interested in receiving inspiring emails about the deeper teachings of adeptship? When you sign up for this biweekly email series, you’ll get a free copy of an Adeptship Resource List, which contains cool information on the subject, as well as suggestions for further study.

                                          Book Study on The Human Aura

                                          Are you interested in learning about the human aura? Would like to understand this fascinating topic better? In this free email series you can read 24 study & practice lessons to study the human aura together with the ascended master Kuthumi.

                                          Maitreya Book Study Group Resources

                                          In addition to tools for individual study, we also have free group study resources available.

                                          Maitreya - Teachings from the Mystery School
                                          • Take a giant leap towards personal Christhood.
                                          • Experience joyful community as you take a deep dive into teachings from Maitreya’s Mystery School.
                                          • Discover those profound points of the law that will help you pass the initiations of the Mystery School.

                                          Two thousand years ago, Maitreya sent forth an inner call to his disciple, Jesus, to come and find him. And so Jesus set out for the Himalayas to find the Father, Maitreya.

                                          Now, once again, Maitreya sends forth the call. Are you one of these fiery spirits that Maitreya Buddha is calling?

                                          In a 1984-dictation by Elizabeth Clare Prophet, Jesus announced the opening of Maitreya’s Mystery School. Soon thereafter, Lord Maitreya began a series of profound discourses. He asked us to search these teachings and to discover in them the keys to this Age of Maitreya.

                                          We have gathered all of Maitreya’s dictations delivered through our messenger, Elizabeth Clare Prophet, between 1984 and 1997, plus dictations from the same period by ascended masters expounding upon on Maitreya’s Mystery School teachings. This book study will enable you to search out those keys to anchoring the consciousness of the Cosmic Christ in your own life.

                                          SU's Zoom Training Library

                                          Learn Zoom to assist your Summit Lighthouse outreach and community growth!

                                          Though this Zoom training is free to all, it was primarily designed for members of The Summit Lighthouse who are interested in learning Zoom.

                                            Learn how to use Zoom! You'll get access to:

                                            • Links to helpful Zoom resources
                                            • A Facilitator Guide to get started
                                            • A Participants Guide
                                            • A library of recorded trainings from TSL members on how to use Zoom for Community Building, Spiritual Study and SU Online Extension Courses!
                                            • Click on the button below.
                                            • Enter the password: LearnZoom!
                                            • Click the Submit button.

                                            Zoom Training Library

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