Book Study: The Human Aura Email Series

The aura is the egg-shaped light emanation that exists around the human form. In Chapter 1 of his classic text Studies of the Human Aura, the ascended master Kuthumi explains what the aura is:

…the combined manifestation of body, soul, and mind creates around the spinal column and the medulla oblongata those emanations called by some the human aura and by others the magnetic forcefield of the body of man.

In his Studies of the Human Aura, Kuthumi places great emphasis on the need for us to understand, perfect, strengthen and expand the aura. Perfecting and mastering our aura is a critical process on the path of adeptship, since adeptship depends to a large degree on to mastering our four lower bodies, which are part of our auric forcefield.

In this free study, you will get access to:

  1. Twelve study lessons that will walk you through the twelve chapters of Studies of the Human Aura
  2. Twelve practice lessons, interspersed between the study lessons, that offer exercises for practicing what Kuthumi teaches in his book.