Book Study: Maitreya Book Discussion Group Resources

In 1984, a momentous event took place on earth: Lord Maitreya, the Great Initiator, established his Mystery School for this age.

The memory of Maitreya’s first Mystery School has come down to us in the biblical account of the Garden of Eden, which refers to the Mystery School of ancient Lemuria. In that Mystery School, Adam and Eve and many twin flames walked and talked with the Lord God in the person of the initiator Maitreya. They were taught the principles of the guru-chela relationship and how to purify and spiritualize themselves to qualify for the ascension in the light—and to turn around a planet caught in the dark web of the fallen angels.

The story of Adam and Eve failing those tests is told in Genesis. Therest, as they say, is history. Lemuria is long gone—and so are the mystery schools of Atlantis, ancient Egypt, Persia and Greece, now withdrawn to the etheric octave. But the concept of the spiritual community as the platform for soul evolution—the dream of the Essenes at Qumran, of Crotona and Camelot—lives on in many hearts. And so in 1984, Lord Maitreya once again anchored the matrix of the ancient Mystery Schools on earth.

What is a Mystery School and what does it mean to set foot in the Mystery School of Lord Maitreya today? These questions and more are answered in the book Teachings from the Mystery School: The Maitreya Discourses (Summit University Press, 2021), a compilation 24 dictations by Lord Maitreya and other masters who expound on the purpose of his Mystery School and set forth the requirements of initiation therein.

To help you study this book’s precious teachings and embark on your own sacred adventure with others who believe in the Aquarian Age and Maitreya’s Mystery School come again, Summit University has created a series of discussion questions and reflection exercises for each chapter of the book. This book study will help you, whether in individual or group study:


    • Get to know the Great Initiator, Lord Maitreya, and discover the precious nature of his Mystery Take a giant leap towards personal Christhood.
    • Experience joyful community as you take a deep dive into teachings from Maitreya’s Mystery School.
    • Discover those profound points of the law that will help you pass the initiations of the Mystery School.