The Magic Power of Cosmic Law

Unleash your Unlimited Potential

through the Magic Power of Cosmic Law


Course Number: META 0401
Cosmic laws are affecting you whether you realize it or not. They govern every aspect of your life. The more you know about them, the more you will be able to answer the question, “Why are things in life the way they are?” and harness these cosmic laws to create positive change in your world. Discover the magic power of cosmic law as Mark L. Prophet, an expert in cosmic law, explains the “why” behind topics such as alchemy, Darwin, Atlantis, magic, the existence of insects, the battle of light and darkness, and what it means to merge with your Higher Self. 

Course Topics 

Unit 1: Faith and Works
• Without faith we can do no works.
• Why we get bored with life
• How God creates geometrically
• The question of life and death and how it has plagued the great thinkers of the world
• “A man’s enemies shall be they of his own household.”
• How an indomitable will creates works and miracles
• Visualization can enhance our life in many ways.
• Latent faith; how a matrix of doubt blocks our faith
• The true meaning of sorcery 

Unit 2: The Eye-Magic of God
• The Eye-Magic of God and putting your faith into action
• The concept of true magic and the inner meaning of this word
• You have the power and potential within to be an ascended master.
• The power of levitation
• How rock and roll music opens up astral energies
• Development in soul consciousness
• The danger of psychic illusion 

Unit 3: The Spiritual Path Versus Material Path
• Omnipresent Spirit Energy
• The creation of insects
• Karmic reasons for the flood of Noah
• The real missing link in Darwin’s theory of evolution
• The war of the priests on Easter Island
• The microcosm of self—we are a tiny universe
• Fear of death and our relationship with God
• The power of your imagination 

Unit 4: The Powers of Light and the Powers of Darkness
• The “Y” in the road. “Choose ye this day whom ye will serve.”
• The dark force and their tool of discouragement
• Powers of the false hierarchy and left-handed path; powers of the Great White Brotherhood and the right-handed path
• The yogic path
• Initiation of the Dark night of the soul 

Unit 5: The Order of the Universe!
• How cosmic law represents the One Mind of God
• The Ten Commandments as cosmic law
• Elementals, angels and fallen angels
• Teaching on animal magnetism
• Condemnation of self or others is one of the greatest forces that prevent students of the light from progressing on the path. 

Unit 6: Reality Versus Unreality
• The phenomena of projection
• The law of assumption—assuming the role of another person
• Dissipating energy
• Conscience as the voice of God
• Why we are victims of pornography and horror
• How elementals come into the human kingdom 

Unit 7: Momentum
• Developing momentums for a lifetime
• How your Higher Self takes over when you decree
• The intense light released by the masters through dictations
• The principle of charge and recharge
• How we dissipate energy
• Two kinds of second deaths
• Mark’s description of going into another dimension and passing his car through
a stone wall 

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