Adeptship Crash Course


Course Number: ADPT 1081
Discover what it means to be a spiritual superhero—an adept!

Students of the ascended masters have been blessed with the most advanced spiritual teachings on earth. And yet, despite applying these teachings, life on this planet seems to be getting progressively worse. Every day’s news brings us more signs that life all around is becoming more and more unhinged.

Probing carefully beneath the surface of life, we discern a number of unseen forces—non-benign forces—pulling the strings of disruption and destruction. They do this quietly, behind the scenes. And from the chaos all around us, “they” seem to be playing a winning hand.

However, this manipulation of life on earth is nothing new—it has been ongoing for centuries. But why is this situation not getting better, even though many people are aware of the problems and are joining in one way or another in the fight for the light? Why is there little improvement even though we have the best spiritual science available to us?

One possible explanation is that as a collective force the lightbearers of earth are not yet equally matched in light to that high level of sabotage and destruction that comes from “the other side.” So what can we do about this?

Somewhere in our subconscious or conscious minds we’re all dreaming of being superheroes. We don’t necessarily want to bounce around the planet in a cape and mask and knock out the bad guys. But do we perhaps have soul memories of other times, long forgotten times, when the ability to direct and control energy and consciousness was somehow much easier, much more direct and effective, than it is now?

These could be memories of long-forgotten golden ages on Atlantis and Lemuria when mankind collectively was much more spiritually capable than is now the case. Those glorious days of past attainment are far behind us, but that doesn’t mean we are helpless in the face of planetary darkness.

Even today, it’s possible to become a spiritual superhero—an adept, that is. The ascended masters teach that adepts are conscious co-creators with God. By becoming spiritual adepts, we will be able to master our own lives and help turn the dire world situation around.

Imagine being completely past the point of needing to rely on our human self because we have fully integrated with our own divine potential. Imagine being fully in the flow of the divine consciousness, at all times. This is the focus of Summit University’s Adeptship Crash Course.

In this 7-webinar course, you will learn key topics relating to the pursuit of adeptship:

  • Becoming an Electrode of Light
  • Mastering the Mind
  • Developing the Peace-Commanding Presence
  • Using the Science of Energy Flow for Longevity and Greater Service
  • Walking the Path of Initiation unto Adeptship
  • Becoming a Scientist of the Spirit
  • Living the Life of the Adept

This self-study course includes seven 90-minute webinars, downloadable worksheets, guided meditations, practice exercises, a downloadable certificate of completion and more.

You will have six months from the date of purchase to complete the course.