Alchemy 1: The Secrets of Precipitation


Course Number: ADPT 1071
Dive Deeply into the Mysterious Science of Alchemy!

The study and practice of alchemy dates back many thousands of years. It has a rich history that weaves through both Eastern and Western philosophies and religions. But given some of the goals of the ancient and medieval alchemists—changing base metals into gold, for example—the purpose of alchemy may feel a little out of place in today’s world.

Yet, the ascended master Saint Germain has given us an entire book of instruction on this topic for our use in the twenty-first century: Saint Germain On Alchemy (Summit University Press).

Saint Germain has a specific purpose in teaching us about alchemy. It is to help us become adepts—conscious co-creators with God.

The teachings of the ascended masters are permeated with alchemical terms and concepts. The word “alchemy” shows up literally thousands of times in The Summit Lighthouse books, lectures and dictations. In most cases, the masters refer to spiritual alchemy—the transformation of self into the highest manifestation and attainment of what we can be.

But then there are Saint Germain’s books on alchemy, in which he teaches us both spiritual and physical alchemy. In this course, we will pursue a detailed study of the first book of Saint Germain On AlchemyStudies in Alchemy—and look at how we can incorporate this sacred science into our lives.

Course topics include:

  • A detailed study of Studies in Alchemy by Saint Germain (Book 1 of Saint Germain On Alchemy)
  • Introduction to key figures in alchemy including Hermes Trismegistus, Apollonius of Tyana, Geber (Jabir), Roger Bacon, Albertus Magnus, Paracelsus, Raymond Lullius, van Helmont, John Dee, Giordano Bruno, and the Count Saint Germain
  • Overview of the seven main metals these alchemists worked with, and their corresponding planets
  • Overview of the seven key transformative processes of alchemy
  • Explanation of alchemical terms, so you can build up your alchemy vocabulary
  • Hands-on exercises ranging from meditation and visualization to actual chemical and physical experiments

This self-study course includes six 90-minute webinars, downloadable worksheets, self-check quizzes, forum discussions, homework assignments, a downloadable certificate of completion and more.

You will have six months from the date of purchase to complete the course.