SU Adeptship Program

Adeptship—a word shrouded in mystery. From ancient times, adepts have walked the earth demonstrating amazing feats of self-mastery and control over their environment. How did they become masters of time, space and energy, and the hidden benefactors of mankind? At Summit University, you can now learn what it takes to follow in their footsteps!

Introduction to the Adeptship Program

On March 30, 2018, Carla Groenewegen, former Director of Summit University, introduced a new program on Adeptship in Summit University. Please watch the video below to see this short presentation.

Having trouble watching the video? Try the audio version below. We have also included the audio in Spanish below.

Hear the presentation in English (download the slides):

Hear the presentation in Spanish (download the slides in English):

Adeptship Program Resources

Our adeptship training program presents you with the foundations of this mysterious path to self-mastery and world service. Check out the list below for our adeptship-related resources currently available. 

Adeptship Courses

COURSE: Alchemy 1: The Secrets of Precipitation

Study the ascended master Saint Germain's twentieth century classic on alchemy in 6 webinar replays. Discover how you can use alchemy to become an adept—a conscious co-creators with God. Read more…

COURSE: Crash Course in Adeptship

Immerse yourself in Summit University's first course on adeptship where you will learn about 7 fundamental aspects of adeptship and be invited to make 7 Adeptship Commitments. Read more…

Other Adeptship Resources

4 Ways to Pick Your Perfect Resource!

Need help figuring out where to start on the path of the adept? Watch this video to help you pick your perfect resource!

Adeptship Resource List

Start your adeptship journey by downloading Summit University's FREE Adeptship Resource List. This 24-page color PDF will introduce you to the path of adeptship and encourage you to begin studying one of the many aspects of this path using resources from The Summit Lighthouse. Read more…

Lista de Recursos para ser un Adepto – EN ESPAÑOL

Comience su viaje como adepto descargando la lista de recursos para adeptos de Summit University GRATIS. Este PDF a color de 24 páginas le dará una introducción al camino del adepto y lo alentará a comenzar a estudiar uno de los muchos aspectos de este camino utilizando los recursos de The Summit Lighthouse. Lee mas…

Conversations on Adeptship Video Series

In this FREE three-part video series, Summit University Director Carla Groenewegen and Summit University team member Justina Torres explore what adeptship is from the perspective of the ascended masters and discuss how we can begin walking the path of the adept right where we are. Read more…

Back to Adeptship School with Mark Prophet

Study adeptship with Mark L. Prophet—now known as the ascended master Lanello—one of the best examples of a modern-day adept that we have! Read more…